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Enter Billing Address
First Name To qualify for wholesale pricing your business must be glass or craft related, licensed and have a business checking account or business phone listing. By applying for CBS's business account you agree to the Wholesale Account Terms & Conditions.

Along with submitting this online application, a Photocopy of your state resale license or local business license is required. California residents must also supply their Resale Tax Certificate. In addition, we must also have “two or more” documents from the following list:

  • Photocopy of business check
  • Photocopy of Checking account
  • Photocopy of cancelled check
  • Photocopy of company utility bill
  • Business phone with Yellow Page Listing
  • Professionally printed letterhead
  • Professionally printed business card
  • Promotional Brochure
All documents must be in the name and address of the company defined on this form. The acceptability of provided documentation will be determined solely by Coatings by Sandberg, Inc. All information supplied will be held strictly confidential.
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Please check box at left to signify that you agree to our Terms and Conditions  

We do not show any pricing online as prices vary depending upon quantity and frequency of purchases. We do collect payment information securely online and will confirm a total price before charging your credit card. The quality CBS Dichroic Glass that our Distributors sell directly is expected to be lower in price per sheet than our internal pricing schedules. This is the price protection that we offer our Distributors, via volume discounts, so that we can make Dichroic Glass available to artists all over the world. Please call us for the nearest distributor in your area.

Product Returns and/or exchanges are considered on a case by case basis. Please contact CBS for more information.

Questions? Call 714-538-0888

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